invite the applicant and electronic wet signature is e-Authorize

Can you simplify orders and ensure compliance?

You can if you use E-Authorize from KRESS.

Okay, we admit that it probably won’t allow you to meditate at work, but it really will save you time and give you peace of mind.

E-Authorize is the enterprise employment screening tool that combines Invite the Applicant and Electronic Wet Signature (EWS) so employers can spend less time ordering background checks and more time making the right hiring decision.

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How does it work?

Choose a custom tailored package or service from your profile. Additional services can easily be added at any time to enhance the scope of your background checks.

Add a new order with just a few clicks. Provide the name and email address to invite the applicant. Then your applicant is invited to a secure site to perform the next steps of the process, and they know that their privacy matters to you.

Our electronic wet signature technology allows applicants to provide a legally compliant signature using a computer mouse. This process ensures total compliance because the signature is always acquired before the background check is performed.

Make better hiring decisions with less work! Your can check your order status by logging into your KRESS account online, or sign up to automatically receive email updates. With powerful reporting tools and dashboards, you have 24/7 access to all your candidates’ information.

Why do customers choose E-Authorize?

  • Reduces your hands-on time to complete applicant background checks
  • Ensures accuracy because the information is entered directly from the source
  • Keeps you from having to act as a translator between KRESS and the applicant
  • Improves the applicant’s satisfaction because they feel they are a part of the process
  • Improves your employment brand because the applicants know their privacy is a priority to you
  • Decreases turnaround time because of improved accuracy and direct link to applicant
  • Makes it easier to initiate the Adverse Action Process if a candidate is disqualified due to information collected and reported by KRESS


Increase the productivity of your HR staff and improve your candidates’ onboarding experience, while ensuring compliance. Get started today