Sometimes technology serves the wrong person

Does your current provider require you to data enter your orders online?

Do you always get an automated answering machine when you call?

Are you tired of leaving voicemails and waiting for return calls?

Are you tired of opening “trouble tickets” instead of getting personalized help?

The KRESS Difference

At KRESS, we understand that your time is valuable.  We understand you want to call and reach a real human being who can help you.  That’s why we have real receptionists who answer the phone and route calls to real people trained and ready to serve you.  KRESS is not a web-based company offering you data based solutions and automated answering machines.  Our strength comes from customer service, client retention and the development of products and services that focus on your needs.  We know full well that technology alone does not always serve those needs best.

No automated answering machines

No voicemail during business hours

Order and receive our services via mail, fax, email or on-line

KRESS has developed products to make it easier for you to accomplish your tasks, like Invite the Applicant and Automated Re-Screen Notices.  We also offer online ordering and retrieval features with one of the best web-based systems for ordering and tracking drug and alcohol testing services in the industry.  While we employ state-of-the-art technologies to gather and distribute our products, we will always remain committed to providing personalized customer service. Our trained staff understands the critical nature of the information we manage, and will work with you find a customized solution to your individual needs.

Contact KRESS today to experience the KRESS difference for yourself and receive a free sample of our services or speak with a sales representative to get more information.  See for yourself why KRESS has been a trusted source of employment screening and a leader in the industry since 1990.