Wellness Trends in Employment

Take a deep breath: tax days has passed. Now, it’s on to the next issue.
HR’s role is in a constant state of expansion. In addition to holding personal liability for a FMLA violation, HR is also responsible for providing for the health of their employees–some companies have physical, mental and financial wellness programs. And, we can’t forget benefits. So, what are the trends in wellness, the best practices? Where does a small business spend and save to get the employees they want and keep top performers?
May is all about wellness. Keep an eye out for the June issue of the Handcuff Headlines where we’ll focus on a most important element of wellness–vacation time and managing the business during the lazy days of summer.


Wellness: Tops Perks and Trends

Firstly, let’s acknowledge that a small start-up has a very different view of wellness and perks than a Fortune 500. HR has looked with envy at Google for years, sizing up onsite childcare and endless buffets. However, the unsung benefits of a small company or start-up, autonomy and impact, have huge benefits on mental health and employee happiness.
Small businesses are often left with the question, how can I compete? The reality is that you don’t have to complete play by play, but there may be benefits that you can offer, in addition to the inherent benefit of being at a small company, that will really make a difference.


Trends in Benefits

Some of the benefits listed that are possible for a small company include:
  • increased vacation time
  • telecommuting and flexible schedule options
  • professional development opportunities
Do you want to create opportunities for fitness without building an onsite gym? Or would you like to improve employee health and focus without adding nap pods? Here are tips and suggestions specifically for small businesses with big aspirations for their employees.


What we do here at KRESS Inc.

We offer the standard fare for a larger company: 401K, health insurance, sick leave and paid vacation days. However, it’s some of the non-standard offerings that our employees enjoy that make a day-to-day difference at KRESS Inc.
  • Chair massages
  • Friday lunches if we hit our performance goals
  • Holiday parties and beer exchanges
  • A well-stocked snack pantry, replete with caffeine of choice
All of our events are team events, and that spirit of camaraderie is what helps our team push through even crazy times in the business.
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