Stop taking those verification calls!  Reduce your daily workload!

KRESS Verify™ – Outsourced Employment Verification Services

If your staff is scrambling to answer phones, get payroll done, and deal with standard HR tasks, the last thing they need is answer a constant stream of requests for verification of employment. Depending on the numbers, your organization might be losing thousands of dollars of man-hours on these tedious tasks. Why not outsource?  Simply refer the caller to our toll-free number and let that lost effort turn into a positive gain for your organization.

Turn your employment data into a revenue stream.

KRESS provides free employment verification services to its clients and even returns up to 50% of the revenues from these verifications back to our clients.  KRESS Verify not only saves you time and money, it also limits liability in the case of inaccurate or inappropriate information being disseminated.

  • Save Time
  • Generate Revenue
  • Limit Liability
  • Maintain Total Control of the Release of the Data
  • Ensure Employee Data Protection
  • Ensure Dissemination Security
  • Enjoy Easy Data Transfer Process

Revenue Sharing

KRESS delivers exceptional value to businesses by providing information and data services that provide liability transfer and convenience. Once the employee data is uploaded and verified, the information is merged into our system so that verifiers can access the data in an easy-to-use, secure manner. Before we provide the information KRESS collects payment from the entity requesting verification. The sum we charge is up to you.  Depending on the number of active employees your organization currently employs, KRESS provides a portion of that fee to your organization on a monthly basis. The revenue sharing breakdown is as follows:

No of Active Employees

Percentage of Revenue Shared

1000 or more


750 to 999


500 to 549


250 to 499


Less than 249


It’s a Win-Win!

The employer revenue is returned on a monthly basis with a statement indicating the number of verifications performed, the employee’s name, and the identity of the party requesting the verification.  KRESS does the work, you save the time and make money off the process.  Contact us today to turn your employment data into revenue.